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Exclusive interview with Chad Petty from Mainland Regional High School

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

Aponte Sports Network had the privilege to interview Chad Petty From the Mainland
Regional Mustangs High School Baseball Team at Charlies Bar in Somers Point, New Jersey.
Chad Petty just made the 17U USA Baseball Team. He is a Pitcher with a
pitching speed of over 90Mph fastball and over 80mph curve ball.

Here is the interview.

All right I'm here with Chase Petty. Chase just made the USA Baseball team.
Congratulations Chase!
Thank you. Thank you.

How do you feel right now?
I feel so relieved. I'm just so anxious so nervous and then when they called my
name it just felt so amazing.

How did you get into Baseball?
Where just a baseball family. My first day out of the hospital after being born
was at a baseball game. So, I mean it just always has been in the family.

Anybody in the family play Pro baseball?
No, we just all love to play baseball.

Who's your favorite baseball player and why?
Um, That’s hard. Mike Trout. I’m a Millville guy he’s a Millville guy. He is an
inspiration to the game. I mean he's arguably the best player to ever play
the game.

How does it feel to have made the USA team at such a young age?
Oh, it's amazing. I mean honestly it truly feels like a blessing. I've been
waiting for this moment all summer long. Since they asked me to try out
for the team and now that the moment has come it just all the weight on
my shoulders is off now. So, it's amazing.

Who do you credit most beside yourself?
I got to say my parents. They just been helping me so much thought this
whole process. Just everything this whole journey. I got to give all the credit to
them for this.

Thank you Chase for the Interview. This young kid is the future of baseball.
We look forward in covering his games this upcoming season.
Good Luck Chase.


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